Sweet Child O’ Mine – Strum-along Acoustic Guitar Version

Here is my simplified version of the rock classic Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns n’ Roses. Remember, you can always embellish a D Major Chord by changing it to Sus2 or sus4 – that’s what G n’ R did. When I strum this one I like to play it with some swing which lets the music sway a little. I also like to imply the lead guitar parts tastefully by varying my picking and fretting approaches. When strumming the (optional) solo section, you might want to make it even easier by substituting the tricky Bm barre chord with a straight open G – go ahead if helps your singing.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

Into &  Verses

|: D | D | C | C | G | G | D | D : |


| A | C | D | D | A | C | D | D |

Solo (optional – sounds cool with a friend improvising)

| : Em | C | Bm | Am : | (four times)

|: Em | G | Am | C .. D . G : | (four times)

The guitars in the original version are tuned down half a step – Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb – but you don’t have to sing in that key.

About dansandman

Guitar teacher and post-graduate English student from London.
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